Top 10: REAL Reason for Being a Youth Ministry Volunteer?

I just wrapped up an amazing time over the last 2 weeks hanging out with and training a new team of volunteers at my new church.  I am so excited to hear the hearts of the team and why they are seeking to serve students  

Over year, however, I have heard a wide variety of reasons why people  are interested in volunteering in the student ministry. These are just some of my most interesting REAL reason…. (*none of these are from present church) 

10. I have to be with my child.  Even though they are _____ old they still cry when I leave them.

9. I am afraid my daughter will get pregnant. I need to be there so boys won’t talk to her.

8. I don’t trust you as a youth pastor.

7. I am volunteering in the middle school ministry because they told me I am not cool enough for the high school ministry?  

6. The Sr. Pastor wants me to be here to report all the things you do wrong to him. 

5. My mom is making me.

4. So my wife won’t force to get a job and work evenings.

3. I wasn’t cool in high school but this ways I can experience what it is like to be cool and accepted?

2.  My girlfriend is in the group.

1. I didn’t get your job, so I am here for when you fail. 

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