Big Group Game: “TOE-Tilla TOE-Down” (Free)

It is Mexican Stand-Off… A Tortilla…Showdown!  You might even call it a “Toe-Tilla Toe-Down! A perfect game for your next Mexican-themed taco night!  


  • Taco size soft tortillas, enough for every student


  • Quick explanation: Players will have balance a tortilla on the toe of their shoe, while hopping on one foot and their hands behind their back. They will attempt to bump other players off balance causing them to lose their tortilla of have their foot touch the ground.
  • Before the Game:
    • No preparation needed.
  • Playing:
    • Give every player a tortilla
    • Give the “Quick Explanation” and rules.
    • Have everyone place their tortilla on the top of their foot.
    • On “Go!” players will put their hands behind their back and begin attempt to eliminate other players and keep themselves in the game.
  • Rules:
    • Tortillas have to stay on a player’s foot in order to continue to play. If the tortilla falls off, the player is eliminated.
    • If a player puts their foot down on the floor at any time during the game they are eliminated.
  • Winner(s) The winner is the last person to still have a tortilla on their foot.


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