Game of the Week: “Slim Jim Shish-Kabob” (Up Front Challenge)

A quick cheap up front challenge.  The idea is simple, Using a Slim Jim “Giant Stick” shish-kabob as many FunYuns as you can in a minute!

-2 Slim Jim Giant Sticks
-2 Snack size bags of FunYuns
-2 Plates

Set Up: 
Sort through your bags of FunYuns, find only complete, unbroken rings, and place an equal amount of rings on each plate.  Place each plate on a table or elevated surface.  Unwrap your Slim Jims and place them next to the plate.

Bring up 2 volunteers, and on “Go” they will have 1 minute to collect as many FunYuns as they can on their Slim Jim.  Players however must have the Slim Jims in their mouths and can not use their hands at any time.

The winner is the player that has got and kept the most rings on their Slim Jim.  The rings will continue to fall off as players try to collect more than one, so it does take some skill!!?

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