Parent Ministry: “Parent’s Guide to Texting”

Their heads are down as they quickly move their fingers across the phone screen. It is a blur of taps and swipes with an occasional sound of dings, rings, and blings. Their faces are all aglow but not like the little angels you used to tuck into bed. Your tween/teen has a cellphone, and they […]

“Love the Game, Love the Player” (creating & running games)

“I hate games—organizing, running and trying to get my kids to play them.” How many times have you said or thought something similar? On the list of priorities, game playing often does not rank high. You have precious little time with students. Why use it on games? Here is why. Middle Years Students still enjoy, […]

News U Can Use: “Club Teams As the Price of Admission to Youth Sports”

“… The season there starts in November, the day after the high school state tournament ends, and runs well into June and often July. Players on top teams often play volleyball 10 or 11 months out of the year. “I really want to play college volleyball, and playing club volleyball is the way I get […]

Interview/Podcast: “Elementary to Middle School Transition” (Herding Cats Podcast)

Episode Summary Talking about how to effectively partner with middle school leaders to transition children from pre-teen and elementary environments to middle school. Also, he details event ideas, and ways for folks to integrate ministries much earlier than promotion Sunday! Listen: – Spotify – I-Tunes – Simple Cast Find Out More About The Herding Cats […]

News U Can Use: “YouTube Kids App and Parent Controls”

“Nearly four years after rolling out YouTube Kids — an app aimed at youngsters that’s supposed to block weird, sexual, violent and otherwise age-inappropriate content on the Google-owned video service — YouTube is finally giving parents and guardians full control over exactly what their children can view. However, the parent-approved content feature is available only […]

“Reaching and Ministering to Spiritual Orphans in Your Community” (Mel Walker)

The rise of “spiritual orphans” in our communities is a reflection of the true state of the family in today’s American culture. I define this category of student as those who have come to Christ, but who do not have the spiritual support system in place to grow in Him, or they are young people […]

News U Can Use: 13 Online Challenges Your Kids Already Know About

“It’s a tale as old as time: We see a lot of people wearing/doing/saying something and we want to try it, too. Back in the day it was saying “Bloody Mary” into a mirror at slumber parties. Today, it means viral social media stunts. Though adults get caught up, too, kids are especially susceptible to […]