News U Can Use: “5 Tips for Traveling with Tweens/Teens This Summer”

HERE IS A QUICK “NEWS U CAN USE” WRITTEN FOR PARENTS, BUT ALSO MAY BE SOME GREAT HINTS/HELPS FOR YOUTH MINISTRY AS YOU PLAN YOU SUMMER TRIPS!?  “A family vacation is the perfect time to enjoy a change of scenery while reconnecting and spending quality time with each other, but it requires planning, budgeting and […]

Top 10: “It is NOT Your Leadership Style…

Over the years, I have heard quite a few leaders say, “It is just my leadership style” when it comes to a particular action, attitude or even issue in their leadership.  Leaders both young and old, I have heard say something along those lines in meetings and conversations. Here are just a couple, ten to […]

You Are Not the Champion of Your Youth Ministry (Kevin Libick)

If you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance that you believe in middle schoolers. Because you lead a ministry to young/preteens you are enthusiastic about the age group and want others to see what you see. This makes you a champion for this age group. A champion is someone who fights on behalf of […]

Bus Games for Youth Group Trips (Free)

10. “Statue Charades”– 2 teams divided up by sides. One person comes to the front of the bus and is given something that they have to get their team to guess by simply “striking a pose”. 9. “Seated Relay Races”– Classic “stand in a line” relay races just seated. Like: “Over Under”- hand something back […]

News U Can Use: “Goodbye to the Doofus Dad Stereotype”

“You may be unfamiliar with the term “doofus dad”, but it’s more than likely you’ve seen him in action. The doofus dad is that clueless and slightly-crap-at-everything dad who inhabits every second children’s TV show. He has a good heart but is incapable of performing the simplest of domestic tasks, especially if they involve caring […]

“The 4-Step Process of Getting Middle Schoolers Involved” (Matt Sprinkle)

“Give it away.” This is a heavy suggestion forever etched into my brain by my mentor, quickly followed by the question, “what is the benefit in giving it away to (insert said person’s name)?” Think about this with me for a second. If we youth workers would take this question seriously, we would work ourselves […]

Easter Week Gift: “Game Coupon Code!”

Here is a quick “FREEBIE” code to help you out this week.  We know it is a long week, with a ton going on!  Play one of our screen games on us for FREE!  Including one of our Easter Games: “Egg-Heads” or “Eggs-Rays”! .  Simple enter the code “Bunny” at check out and it will […]

Top 10: Ways to Keep People Coming After Easter Sunday?

10. Bacon Sunday- a free pound of bacon for every friend you bring? 9. No Cover Charge Sunday– one Sunday a year, that offering WON’T be taken? 8. Give-Away Sunday- shoot polos and button up oxford out into the crowd, throw adult contemporary CDs and Gospel cassettes out, have a drawing for a new gift […]

Bonus FREE Game of the Week: “Palm Sundaes”

Just in Time for This Sunday…Palm Sunday! A Quick RanDumb Fun Rather Obviously Named Game.  Just to Keep Things Cool Around Your Young Teen Ministry!? Supplies: – Ice Cream (2 containers) – A variety of ice cream toppings, including syrup, whip cream and a cherry – Ice cream scooper – A few spoons Playing/Explanation : Simply […]

“Helping Students Understand Why Bad Things Happen to Good People?” (Caroline Smallwood)

Our youth group has experienced the perfect storm in the last couple of weeks. We began a series that every one is pretty excited about. We are calling it “Ask Anything” and for four weeks we will be answering hard theological questions, aka apologetics for middle schoolers. On the fifth week we will have a […]