Top 10: “It is NOT Your Leadership Style…

Over the years, I have heard quite a few leaders say, “It is just my leadership style” when it comes to a particular action, attitude or even issue in their leadership.  Leaders both young and old, I have heard say something along those lines in meetings and conversations.

Here are just a couple, ten to be exact, things that I have heard, seen and experiences that were explained as “Leadership Style”, that (in my opinion) do NOT equal a leadership style or characteristic.

10. Your Lack of Organization does NOT equal “Creativity”.

9. Your Pride does NOT equal “Confidence”

8. Your Busyness does NOT equal “Hardworking”

7. Your Greed does NOT equal “Good Stewardship”

6. Your Energy does NOT equal “Effectiveness”

5. Your Bluntness does NOT equal “Honesty”

4. Your Intelligence does NOT equal “Wisdom”

3. Your Charisma does NOT equal “Inspiration”

2. Your Compulsiveness does NOT equal “Decisiveness”

1. Your Self-Righteousness does NOT equal “Godliness”

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