Top 10: Sunday Morning Worship Clappers?

10. THE SWINGER: Hands to the sides, then a quick swing forward into a clap, then back down to the side…and REPEAT!

9. THE TOY MONKEY:  Elbows slightly bent, hands directly in front of the chest, BIG Smile and clap, clap, clap!

8. THE STARBUCKS: Grande Latte in one hand, gentle tap on the lid in between sips… sip, tap, sip, tap…raise a cup, Cheers to Jesus!

7. THE ROCK STAR: Both hands overhead, circa 1986 Bon Jovi, Living on a Prayer Tour!  Whoa…We are half way there!

6. THE THIGH SLAPPER:  One hand, quick clap on the thigh.  (insert tambourine here_____________, if you are that kind of church?)

5. THE TIGER WOODS: Polite golf clap, gentle soft motions with the slightest of contacts and noise. Great praise putt on that final song…Bravo!

4. THE SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER: The hand raise, into the sky point, down into a clap, back up with a praise hand to a pumped-up point, back into a couple of claps!  Staying Alive in Worship!

3. THE POCKET PROTECTOR: Both hands in the pocket, slight motion, it is the undercover secret thigh slapper!? Perfect if you are a recovering Baptist and not quite ready for the full-on crazy Gaithers “rock show”!!

2. THE SEAL: Both hands dangling low, directly in front of the body.  Give an “Arf, Arf of Adoration!”

1. CHASE THE MOSQUITO: Clap Everywhere, Anywhere Chase the Beat Around.  Catch It… Where is it?  There is it is… Over Here…Over There… Down Low, Oh to Slow! 

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