Top 10: REAL Reasons I Can’t Come to Youth Group!?

10. I am grounded from youth group?  (seriously how bad do you have to be that your parents take away God and church.. “That is IT young lady, no God for you, 2 Weeks”!) 

9. My parents said It was too nice outside to go to youth group? (snow day…icy night? They actually do call it “SUN-DAY”? )

8. My duck died! (come tonight and we will have a funeral?)

7. I go to Christian school!  (Oh! I am sorry, that is fine. I don’t want you to get too much Bible and God all in one week?) 

6. I didn’t have any clothes!  (hmmm, what is that stuff on your body right now)  

5. My parents talked the Sr. Pastor, they think your too zany!  (thank you?) 

4Youth group is TOO fun & my parents think I am enjoying it too much. (I am sorry? If you come next week, I promise I will try to make it as boring as possible, and guarantee you will not enjoy yourself?) 

3. My parents forgot what night youth group was?  (They grew up in our church. It is the same night it was when they came to youth group 20 years go?)

2. My mom didn’t like what your wife was wearing on Sunday! (NO COMMENT…)

1. The Vice President invited our family to go on vacation with him!  (if I had a dollar for every time I hear that excuse…) 

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