Staying Connected During the Summer (Chris Hargrove)

The school year has come to a close and the summer is here. For many, this is a break from work, school, and other things, but for those of us in ministry, we are gearing up for a whole new season and schedule. On top of all the responsibilities that come during the school year […]

Top 10: REAL Reasons Why My Child Can’t Go On the Trip?

I just left with my group for summer camp! Are you getting ready for your big summer trip or did you just get back?   Who didn’t end up going?  There is always at least one or two, last minute drop out.  What was their reason? Most of the time they are normal reasons for why kids […]

Tackling Tough Transitions (Kevin Libick)

Its transition time around my, church and everyone is moving up into their new ministries. We often talk about helping students navigate transitions in ministry, but where is the seminar to help youth workers navigate the transitions themselves? I think one of the main reasons youth workers don’t last in ministry is they have a […]

6 Tips for Planning Your Youth Night (Todd Jones)

Ready or not here it comes. Youth group is going to happen weekly no matter what, and it is your job to have something awesome planned and ready to go! But let’s be honest, that can be the hardest part! Planning can be extremely difficult: coming up with new games each week, making sure your […]

2 Minute Resource Review: “If…What If” Family Devotional (Myles)

Over the last 6 months, my 11 year old-6th grade son, Kaleb and I have been using the devotional book If…What If? by the Tony and Daniel Myles.  Because it is a devotional book written by Tony (dad) and his son teenage son (Daniel), it held immediate attraction for my son!  He was excited to use a devotional […]

Top 10: “REAL Things I Have Seen Adults Doing in Church Services”

Sometimes people come and complain to me about my students being distracting in church or doing something other than listening to the sermon. Well to be fair, here is a couple REAL things that distract me, that I have REALLY seen adults doing in church.  10. Playing Angry Birds (or other games on your phone…”words […]

“Words of Wisdom for 8th Graders Moving into High School” (Scott Pittman)

You have been with them for three or maybe even four years. Some of them you have known even longer, if you have been around the church for a while either through their parents or their other siblings. There is so much growing that happens during the middle years: physically, mentally and more importantly spiritually. […]

Top 10: REAL Youth Ministry Job Interview Questions?

Over the years of interview for new youth ministry positions.  I have had some unique experiences as well as some odd questions.  Here is the first set of VERY REAL interview questions I have been asked over the years!  10. How much money do you currently have in your savings account, may we check your […]