Top 10: “REAL Things I Have Seen Adults Doing in Church Services”

Sometimes people come and complain to me about my students being distracting in church or doing something other than listening to the sermon.
Well to be fair, here is a couple REAL things that distract me, that I have REALLY seen adults doing in church. 

10. Playing Angry Birds (or other games on your phone…”words with friends” vs. THE Word with Friends??)

9. Doing a Crossword (or word jumbles, Sudoku… umm how about searching God’s word?)

8. Reading the Sunday Paper (the “religion section” doesn’t make it any better)

7. Clipping Coupons (Well, as long as you tithe 10% of your savings? )

6. Clipping Your Nails (seriously…you just hit me in the back of the head)

5. Reading a Romance Novel (umm….I know it is a Janette Oke, but still!)

4. Pulling Unwanted Body Hair (ear, nose…back)

3. Getting “a bit too loving” with a Spouse(come on keep it PG…10 and 2 on your Bible!)

2. Grading School Papers. (FAIL!)

1. Getting up and Watering the Plants Around the Sanctuary!!!
(*don’t even know what to say…add some Miracle Grow?)

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