2 Minute Resource Review: “If…What If” Family Devotional (Myles)

Over the last 6 months, my 11 year old-6th grade son, Kaleb and I have been using the devotional book If…What If? by the Tony and Daniel Myles.  Because it is a devotional book written by Tony (dad) and his son teenage son (Daniel), it held immediate attraction for my son!  He was excited to use a devotional book written by another pastor and his son.

Each evening my son and I would start off with the daily “If” and “What if” questions that introduced each devotional.  These silly and creative questions immediately drew my son into what we were about to read and the topics as we did our end of the day wrap up at bedtime.  Actually, often the questions were (*in a good way) to engaging as we would end up laughing and talking about the questions a bit longer that we needed.  In the end however we would get into our evening reading and scripture which were always excellent, offering great insights.

While on the surface this book’s theme is around quirky “If’ and “What If” questions the heart of the book is actually around the phrase “There is Hope”, that is an acrostic: “Trinity”, “Heritage”, “Enemy”, “Revolution”, “Ego”, “Identity”, “Shh”, “Hero”, “Opportunity”, “Purpose” and “Eternity”.   These also are the themes for each section of the book, that creates a chronologic study of the Bible Genesis to Revelation.

Each section is almost a mini devotional book to itself around a topic and theme.  Each with its own creative idea and style.  We personally would have loved to know who wrote which devotionals, Tony or Daniel!

The daily devotionals themselves are great as well.  Each one, as mentioned, starts off with 2 silly questions, then assigns a scripture to read before heading into the devotional.  Each one wraps up with a “There is Hope” statement and 2 more “If” and “What If” questions, this time more serious and thought provoking life applications.

This a great book for families, individual tween/teens, and in our case we loved it for our father-son time!   We both would recommend it and suggest you picking up a copy of your own!  If you are a youth pastor/children’s pastor grab a few copies to give away or make them a gift as part of your next family event!

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