Top 10: REAL Reasons Why My Child Can’t Go On the Trip?

I just left with my group for summer camp! Are you getting ready for your big summer trip or did you just get back?  

Who didn’t end up going?  There is always at least one or two, last minute drop out.  What was their reason?

Most of the time they are normal reasons for why kids can’t go but sometimes they are out of the ordinary. Here are ten my REAL LIFE favorites from over my almost 24years of “REAL Reasons Why My Child CAN’T Go on the Trip”? 

10. We are moving to undisclosed location. 

9. The late night activities are past my child’s bedtime.

8. My child is constipated.

7. My child has a fear of mangos! She is not allergic just is afraid of them. 

6. We just saw the rule about not being able to bring alcohol & tobacco products.

5. My daughter’s small group leader freaks her out, because she is too calm and nice.

4. My son just found out he is afraid of nature.

3. I don’t trust religious people.

2. There is no tornado plan in the parent information.

1. A lion escaped from a zoo an hour (drive) from where you are going to be.  It might attack my child. 

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