Summer Game: “Sloppy Snorkel Flip-N-Sip”


  • 2 Snorkels
  • 2 Snorkel Masks
  • 2 Sets of Flippers
  • 2 Large pitchers
  • 2 two liters of soda or some other beverage
  • A table
  • Egg timer or multi-media countdown clock


Quick explanation:Player will race to a pitcher of beverage, sip as much of the beverage as they can through a snorkel.

Before the Game:

  • Fill pitchers full of beverage.
  • Place pitchers on a table at the far end of playing area.
  • Un-package all of your snorkel gear (flippers, mask, and snorkel).


  • Ask for 2 volunteers.
  • Give the players the “quick explanation” and rules.
  • Have players put on their mask and flippers.
  • Have them line up at the opposite end in the front of the area, away from the table with pitchers on it.
  • On “Go!” players will flip and flop their way over to the table.
  • When they arrive at the table the must place the end of the snorkel into the pitcher and start sipping as much of the beverage as they can.


  • Players must run with flippers on their feet, mask in place and snorkel in their mouth.
  • Players must drink the beverage and may not just suck it up and spit it out.


  • Winner is the player that has the least amount of beverage left in the pitcher at the end of the time allowed .

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