Top 10: Ways NOT to Let Your Church Know Your are Leaving?

I have just recently left a church and started at a new church. Over the years, I have heard of some crazy stories about how Pastors/Youth Pastors have quit or announced they are quitting and leaving their church.   Summer it seems is time of year, where churches and staff are parting ways.  I thought as a help and hint to you as a fellow youth ministry professional. I would assist you a bit by coming up with some ways NOT to go about letting your church know you are leaving.  I hope they help, as well as save your some embarrassment…no matter how bad (or good) your departure is? 

10. Sky Writing It Above the Parking Lot As People Leave Church on Sunday Morning?

9. Make the Family T-shirts…“I am Quitting”, “My Husband is Quitting”, “My Daddy Is Quitting”

8. Shaving It Into the Side of Your Sr. Pastor’s Dog? Or the Sr. Pastor’s daughter’s head?  Alright everyone we are playing a game I need a volunteer….

7.  A Large Temporary Chest Tattoo….Revealed 1/2 Way Through Staff Lunch…Wow It Hot in Here, I Think I Will Take Off My Shirt??

6Hack into the Praise and Worship Computer for the Main Stage…I will keep on singing, Ten thousand reasons…why the Youth Pastor is Leaving!

5.  Write it in Weed Killer in the Front Yard of the Church? Kind of a slow fade?

4. Instagram Something with a nice vintage glow and a cute frame?

3. Make a YouTube Viral Video? Maybe some dancing cats or get ahold of Carly Rae Jepsen or Psy no one has heard from them in while?

2.  Make a Silly Top 10 list Post it on Your Blog? 

1. Write a super long letter to the leadership of you church listing all the complaints, problems and things you don’t like about everything and everybody. 
*PS- If you are seriously considering leaving your church this summer read these first: Prov. 15:1, Ps. 25:21, Matt. 25:27, Job. 6:24-26….GAL. 6:9!   Also If you honestly need to talk, a place to vent, or even just someone to pray with let me know—email me:

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