Game of the Week: “Super Soaker Masterpiece” (FREE)

A fun, summertime up-front challenge!  Tapping into the creative side of your students will letting them shoot a water gun…WIN!
Quick-easy-silly-creative fun! Great for all ages. Perfect for your summer cookout, picnics, and other events! 


  • 2 super soaker-style water guns
  • 2 Kool-Aid mix packets
  • 2 easels
  • 2 large white bed sheets or bath towels
  • Egg timer or multi-media countdown clock


Quick explanation:Player using water guns full of Kool-Aid paint a masterpiece.

Before the Game:

  • Dump a Kool-Aid packet into the reservoir of each water gun
  • Fill the water gun with water and shake well
  • Hang white bed sheet or white towel on the easels and place in the front of your space.


  • Ask for 2 pairs of volunteers
  • Give the players the “Quick Explanation” and rules
  • Have players stand back at a predetermined distance and face the easels
  • On “Go” players using only their water gun shoot and create a picture as best at they can in the time allowed


  • Players must stand back at the predetermined distance.
  • Players may not spray each other or leaders with the Kool-Aid


  • Have the players explain their masterpiece to the group
  • Have the group vote by volume of applause which they think is the winner

Winner is the one that created the best masterpiece

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