Group Game: “Shaving Cream Baseball” (FREE)

Looking for a quick simple summer time twist on the classic whiffle ball game, consider adding some shaving cream for a super fun and messy game.  A few dollars for a whiffle ball, bat, and some shaving cream you have instagram-worthy fun night this summer!  

A favorite around my ministries for years and we just introduced it to a new group of students this last weekend!


Quick explanation: Basic game and rules of whiffle ball/baseball with a shaving cream-filled ball.  As the whiffle ball is hit and thrown shaving cream will go spinning out on the field and onto players!

Before the Game:

  • No real pre-game prep is needed, unless you would like to put out some baseball bases.


  • Divide the group into 2 equal teams
  • Give at the quick explanation and rules
  • Have one team bat and one team field
  • Before the first pitch and in-between every few pitches refill the whiffle-ball ball with shaving cream by squirting shaving cream into the holes of the ball.
  • Game play continues with regular whiffle ball/baseball rules



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