Top 10: “You Might Be an Over-Protective Youth Group Parents”

I will not tell you which at least 6 of the 10  are real and which ones I made up?!!  You will just have to guess.  (*Hint: Truth is Stranger Than Fiction.) Feel free to use this at your next parent meeting or parent counseling session…maybe even your own personal therapy session!


10. You Want to be a Youth Volunteer because Your Daughter Might Get Pregnant During Youth Group?  (during the lesson or game time?)

9. You Cut Up Your 8th Grade Daughter’s Hot Dog into Non-Choke Pieces at the Pool Party (umm… we have a blender in the youth kitchen?)

8. You Have Ever Asked About Bullet-proof Vests During a Missions Trip Meeting? (nope only the leader’s get those?)

7. You Realized The Church Bus Doesn’t Have Seat Belts, so You Tried to Figure Out How to Tie Your Child to the Seat with at Rope!! (superglue might work as well?)

6.  Instead of Packing Sun-Screen for Camp, You Packed a Pint of White House Paint? (one of our leader could just follow them around with an umbrella?)

5.  Your Child Showed Up to the Slip-N-Slide Night, with a Helmet.  (next year we will not set up the slip n slide in the trees?) 

4. You Insist that Your Child Wear a Batting Helmet to the Baseball Game Outing?
(A line drive to the head?  Actually, that might help?)

3. You Were Offended That the Medical Form Asked Your Child’s Sex? (it is his Senior year, it might be time to tell him about the bird and bees and it that is not what it meant!!)

2.  You Have Ever Asked for a Copy of the Youth Ministry’s Tornado Emergency Plan?  (hold on let me find that for you, I will be right baaaaaack?)

1.  You Heard the Term “HELICOPTER PARENT” and Decided to Rent a Helicopter to Occasionally Fly Over the Fall Retreat Location?   

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