A 2-Minute Resource Review: “Ministry Win” (by Scott Talley)

We all want to win!  In our culture, we all know for the most part what is defined as a “win”.  We play sports and video games and we look at the score to see if we won or lost.  We look around us and we know who is “winning at life” and who is not?

When it comes to ministry a “win” is not as easy to define.   Add on pressure from leaders and parents, it seems even harder to truly know if your ministry is doing the right thing.  We too often look at the mega-church down the road or online and try to score ourselves against them.  We get frustrated trying to figure out if we are succeeding?

Scott Talley’s book Ministry Win offers up a “scorecard for youth ministry”, to help everyone doing life with students to know and better define a ministry “win”.

This short, helpful book is a personal and team workbook to guide you through creating a ministry foundation based on your real context to creating a purpose and plan for ministry.   Each chapter is full of reflective, response questions to guide the process toward creating your own scorecard for your ministry.

There is no quick tricks or flashy success stories, it is a straight-forward grassroots ministry book that is surprisingly practical while challengingly thought-provoking.    It is sure to become a valued resource for yourself and your team.  It is a perfect book to pick up and take a team through for the first 6 weeks of the new year or over the summer while you pray over the new ministry year coming.  It will become your guidebook to look back at again and again, especially in those moments of ministry frustration.

If you are looking for a Ministry Win, this year, this is the book that will take your eyes off of others and focus them on the real stuff of Christ-center relational ministry to students!

CLICK HERE (to buy it) or check out the MINISTRY WINS website for more insights! 


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