News U Can Use: “Teens Ban From Trick-or-Treating”

“Last Halloween, one Virginia city went viral for banning anyone 13 years and older from trick-or-treating

No, it wasn’t a story on The Onion. It was real.

The city of Chesapeake drew national scrutiny – and social media uproar – for its decades-old ordinance that could fine or jail teens caught in costume with a sack full of candy.

It got so much attention, in fact, the city quickly conducted a review of the ordinance and made changes, the city’s director of public communications Health Covey told USA TODAY.

The ordinance now enacts a maximum trick-or-treating age of 14 years old and does not allow for possible jail time.

Teens in the city could still face a Class 4 misdemeanor and a fine under the law. But Covey assures the public that police have never actually fined or jailed a teen for trick-or-treating and the law is in place only to prevent issues like teens stealing and smashing pumpkins….”


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