Top 10: Favorite Ministry Podcasts

Podcasts are popping up everywhere right now and Youth Ministry is no exception!  People ask me all the time which ones I listen too.  I also get quite a few people asking, when I will start one, and it may or may not be coming!  

I know my daughter, Jenna, REALLY wants to start one with me, interviewing other father-daughters in ministry?  

The honest truth there are so many great ones out there already! If I do start one, I would want to have something unique and not just a repeat of some many of the great ones already out there!

Here are 10 (*in no real order) maybe a little less known ones that I have enjoyed being a part of, that you may not have heard of…or maybe you have!  Each one of these was a priviledge to be on and I would suggest you giving some love and support to, as drive, workout, or while you sit having your coffee! 

10.The J3 Youth Minstry Podcast (gone but not forgotten)

9. Youth Ministry Partners Podcast 

8. The 456 Pre-Teen Podcast

7. Multiply Youth Ministry Podcast

6. D6 Family Ministry Podcast 

5. Youth Ministry Boosters 

4. Herding Cats Children’s Ministry Podcast

3. The Youth Ministry Sidekick Podcast

2. This Week in Youth Ministry Podcast 

1.Youth Culture Matters: CPYU Podcast

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