“Ten Things Personally Holding Your Ministry Back?”

What is keeping your ministry back?  What are things that might be keep you and your ministry from God’s best and blessing?  Here are 10 Things That Are Personally Holding Your Ministry Back….  10. Your Personal Pride (Prov. 16:18) 9. Your Personal Insecurities (Phil. 4:6-9) 8. Your Personal Purity (Titus 1:15) 7. Your Personal Preferences (John 3:30) […]

Game of the Week: “Famously Twinning”

Another Fresh New Game Has Arrived in the MYM RESOURCE GAME STORE!   This One is the Double the Fun, Because it is All About TWINS… FAMOUS TWINS! Challenge Your Students to See If They Know Who the Hidden Famous Celebrity Twin Is!??  A 10 Challenge Game, with 1 Bonus Tiebreaker! Includes: – 2 Powerpoint Presentations […]

News U Can Use: “A Parent’s Guide to Teen Slang Words”

“If you clicked on this story, it’s probably because you have no idea what your kids are saying. Hi! Welcome to the club. Thanks to the internet – mostly TikTok, let’s be real – new slang words and phrases are popping up all the time, making it hard to have a conversation with your offspring.  A […]

Top 10: Ways That Senior Saints and Youth Group Students are the SAME?!

10. Forgetful, easily distracted, and often wander off for no apparent reason?  9. Groups of “Catty” gossiping females?   8. Clothes that look like it belongs in a thrift store?  7. Words, lingo & jokes no one else get?  6. Just want to hang out and talk in their cliques, and get annoyed by the […]

News U Can Use: “What is Cyber Flashing? (Information for Parents)

“Sharing is caring! For many of today’s adults, we were taught about “stranger danger” and our risks of being exposed to indecency and danger were more physical than for today’s children because we did not have the internet. Today’s kids, however, face more insidious threats to their mental and emotional well-being that are constantly shifting […]

Top 10: Ways Toddlers and Middle Schoolers are the SAME!?

10. Will put anything in their mouth?…did you get that off the floor??! 9. Always want a snack? …you just had half a pizza, a bag of chips and a 2 liter? 8. In a constant state of mood swings?…why are you crying and laughing at the same time?? 7. Think that farting and burping […]

Goodie-Two-Shoes OR Godly-Two-Feet?

Margery Meanwell was a poor orphan girl that lived on the streets. She was a sweet kind girl always doing good for others, even though she was poor and had nothing. She was recognized throughout the town as the girl with only one shoe. As the story goes, one day a rich, gentlemen seeing her […]

Game: “Block-tionary (Up-Front Group Game/Team Building)

Pictionary Meets Jenga Meets Charades Meets Your Youth Group!?  It is a quick silly upfront group game, that also can make a great icebreaker or team builder.    Here is the simple idea behind  “BLOCK-TIONARY”!  Supplies: – Children’s Wooden Building Blocks (or Jenga Blocks) – A Tall Table – Index Cards Set up: – Have a […]

60 Second Hints: Ways Keep Yourself & Your Ministry Culturally Relevant

Here is your 60 seconds to a more culturally relevent ministry and to keep yourself at least aware of popular culture, remembering that every area, group, and church is it’s own sub-culture . What is “in”, current and relevant nationally or other places may not necessarily always be what is current in your context, so […]

Top 10: Do You Remember When… (Youth Ministry Edition)

10. …You could play an upfront game using peanut butter and no one died? 9.  … You could serve soda and chips as a snack instead of celery sticks, saltines and water? 8.  …. You played dodgeball with over-inflated playground balls or under-inflated volleyballs? 7.  …. Taking a couple of your students out for ice […]