Top 10: Ways Toddlers and Middle Schoolers are the SAME!?

10. Will put anything in their mouth?…did you get that off the floor??!

9. Always want a snack? …you just had half a pizza, a bag of chips and a 2 liter?

8. In a constant state of mood swings?…why are you crying and laughing at the same time??

7. Think that farting and burping are the funniest things ever?…stop that I am trying to talk to you?!

6. Are always in need of a bath? ….here is a can of Axe and some deodorant!

5. Give them something that makes noise and they will never put it down?…would you mind putting down the plastic water bottle we are praying?

4. Will jump off anything?.. the pulpit in the auditorium is not a diving board into the baptistry!

3. Yell random things at the most inappropriate moments?…Ham and Cheese Sandwich!!?

2. Never want to go to bed, but then fall asleep at odd moments during the day?..did Herbert fall asleep in the front row of the Skillet concert?

1. When caught red-handed doing something wrong will still try to lie straight to your face…Did you eat the sprinkles out of the church food pantry?

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