Top 10: Ways That Senior Saints and Youth Group Students are the SAME?!

10. Forgetful, easily distracted, and often wander off for no apparent reason? 

9. Groups of “Catty” gossiping females?  

8. Clothes that look like it belongs in a thrift store? 

7. Words, lingo & jokes no one else get? 

6. Just want to hang out and talk in their cliques, and get annoyed by the age groups in the church? 

5. Talk way to LOUD all that time? 

4. Listen to weird music that no one else knows or likes? 

3. FREE FOOD is the key to get them to show up to any event? 

2. Can’t drive, so they always need a ride somewhere? 

1. Funny hair colors and styles!  (sometimes in varying shades of blue?)

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