Hints/Helps: Last Minute Christmas Game Collection

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Hint/Help: “20 Youth Group Movie Night Movies: Christmas Edition”

Here are 20 Christmas time movies for your youth group movie night! A few classic and the usuals, but hopefully some church appropriate ones that your students have not already seen a million times?  As always, pre-watch the movies. I hope you find the list helpful!    20. A Christmas Story (*classic, surprised at how many of students […]

Top 10: “Things Jesus Was…”

Teaching and walking life besides this young generation coming up, I believe it is important for us to be students of the Word first and of the world second. Especially this time of year, the most important thing we can do is point our students to the person of Jesus and being “followers” of Him. We […]

New Lesson Series: “Connect” (Relationships/Friendship)

A NEW 4-Week Series on Friendship, Relationships, and Connection is Now Available in Our Lesson Store! This is a field-tested lesson series that has been taught numerous times in various forms in real-life youth ministry settings over the years. This last fall the content of this series was used as an addition to the Orange […]

Event Night: “Selfie Sign Scavenger Hunt Scramble”

 A classic is reborn in this updated version of a fun group game for your leaders and students. All the fun, without the risk, issues, and visits from the local authorities! Admittedly, this is one of those games/activities that you have to spell out the rules CLEARLY for your students and your leaders.  To be […]

Top 10: Youth Ministry Leadership Fails!

10. Surround yourself only with people just like you? 9. Creating a team of people who are afraid to disagree with you? 8. Making a team up of only people of one age and one generation? 7. Not having regularly schedule meetings? 6.  Allowing personal preferences to rule over Biblical truth? 5.  Never doing trainings […]