Event Night: “Selfie Sign Scavenger Hunt Scramble”

 A classic is reborn in this updated version of a fun group game for your leaders and students. All the fun, without the risk, issues, and visits from the local authorities!

Admittedly, this is one of those games/activities that you have to spell out the rules CLEARLY for your students and your leaders.  To be quite honest, this “may or may not” have been a game that originally 20ish years ago might have included a bit of “borrowing”.

It is spin on the old classic youth group scavenger hunts.  Each group will be given the same list of items and instructions with a time limit to complete it.  It is a fun event that will also end up with some classic photos around the youth area or for social media. If you are a smaller group divided up into cars or teams if you area bigger church make it a small group/community group challenge night.

Simple instructions & explanation: 
Each group has one hour to complete this hunt.  They will be finding signs, taking a picture of the sign along with of an assigned task, and posting it on social media along with an assigned hashtag for the night/  The first group to post a picture of each item will get 10 points for your team, 5 points for the second team, 3 points for the 3rd team, and 1 point for all remaining teams. At the end of the hour you need to meet back at the church for viewing party, food, and announcement of winners along with your prize!

Sample Sign Suggestions:
– Pedestrian Crossing: 2 people holding hands crossing the street
Construction Sign: Pretend to be using a jack hammer
– Funeral Home Sign: Pretend to have a funeral
Kids at Play: Group skipping
– KFC: group doing the chicken dance
– YMCA: 4 people doing the “Y.M.C.A”
Grocery store: 2 members in a shopping cart
– Wal-mart: Best redneck poses
Church sign (other than ours): praying (*tebowing)
Stop Sign: group stopping traffic
Curve sign: group showing “off their curves”
Deer Crossing: group doing their best impression of deer
House for Sale: group making a human pyramid
Mc Donalds: 4 people making the “arches”
– Starbucks: A person drinking coffee
Mall Sign: Group making snow angels
Gas Station Sign: Group member pumping someone’s gas
Speed limit sign: 2 people running as fast at they can past
Hotel Sign: Group sleeping
– Pool Sign: Group swimming
– Welcome to our Town Sign: Group waving and welcoming a car to our town

Update, Re-uses, or Create your own version for your particular town or group…Just have fun, enjoy and remember the 8th Commandment…NO STEALING!!

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