Running The Race Together (Why My Wife is Involved in My Ministry)

Her Talents are not my Talents. I am not being sexist, your wife does things better than you do. She is going to have natural abilities and gifts that you don’t have, that is why God has brought her into your life. She “completes you” or I hope so?  She is my BFF.  Ministry is […]

Student Ministry Game of the Week: “Gummy Bear Beard”

SUPPLIES: 2 cups of water 2 large bags of gummy bears (or gummy candy of your choice) 2 bowls 2 chairs 60-second egg timer or multimedia countdown clock GAMEPLAY: Quick explanation: Player will have to create a beard out of gummy bears on their partner’s face in the time allowed by wetting the gummy bears […]

News U Can Use: “Teen TikTok Stars Making More Money Than Their Parents”

“Josh Richards started uploading videos to the popular app TikTok — then called “” — more than three years ago. “My sister was on the app and she made a video with me. It did really well on her account, so I decided to make an account for myself,” Richards said. During the summer of […]

Top 10: Things You DO NOT What to Hear Your Custodian Say…

Dedicated to our hard-working staff of custodians around our churches, that put up with us and our students.  They are the unsung heroes of youth ministry.   I have actually had some of our maintenance staff as small group leaders, over the years. A super-smart move on a bunch of levels (*free hint!!)  10.  I was thinking […]

Game of the Week: Rubber Chicken Basketball (Big Group Game)

A Classic That I Have Been Playing For Years With My Groups… Because When All Else Fails, Add a Rubber Chicken to Your Game!?? Supplies: – 1 rubber chicken (*preferably one with a noisemaker) – Basketball court with 2 hoops (OR 2 large clean trash cans) – Whistle – 2 large sticks (broomstick or something similar) […]

Upfront Challenge: “Baked Bean Bubble Blow”

IT IS PRETTY MUCH WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE! A LOT OF BEANS, A LITTLE BIT OF BUBBLE GUM! A WHOLE LOT OF LAUGHS AND INSTAGRAM-ABLE OPPORTUNITIES!  Supplies: – 2 Extra Large Cans of Baked Beans – 2 Pie Pans/Bowls – 1 Bag of Chewing Gum – A Tarp or Drop Clothe Set Up: – Unwrap an equal […]

News U Can Use: “Gen Z Influence 90% of Parent Spending”

Thoughts and Discussion After Reading the Below “News U Can Use”? – How is Gen Z influencing the families of your ministry tithing/giving? – How is Gen Z spending influencing the cost of events, activities, and trips in your ministry? – How much is your church spending (what % of the budget) is spent on […]

Top 10: Reasons You Should Clean Your Youth Ministry Closet?

IT IS A NEW YEAR!  IT IS TIME TO START CLEARING OUT THE CLUTTER OF YOUR LIFE, AND YOUR MINISTRY.  THAT MEANS YOUR YOUTH MINISTRY CLOSET TOO! HERE ARE 10 REASONS WHY?  10.  Expired Turkey and Peach Baby Food? 9.  The Resignation Letter From the Guy 2 Youth Pastors Ago? 8.  A Bag Full of […]

Volunteer Training: “Loving the Clay” (Mr. Rodger’s Interview)

Here is a quick FREE hint/help resource for your minsitry.  It is a volunteer training, that we did recently with our middle school and high school leaders.   It is based on Is. 64:8, I Cor. 4:4-7, along with an old interview with Mr. Rodgers.   Below you will find the YouTube video of the […]