Youth Ministry New Year’s Resolutions!?

10.  I Will Not Do A Lock-In This Year? (* no matter what your students, parents, and Facebook walls say) 

9.  I Will Drink Less Coffee, Monster, and Red Bull? (*your energy will come from the spirit this year…the Holy Spirit, just to clarify! ) 

8. I Will Not Call the Sr. Pastor “Dude”, “Dawg”, or “Bro”?  (try “Rev”, “Grand Pastor” or even “Big Guy” this year?) 

7. I Will Successfully Grow a Hipster Beard? (If you are a female youth worker, give it a shot anyway, it is a new year!!? )

6.  I Will Refrain From Burping During My Lessons? (*all bodily functions actually should remain out of lesson times this year?)

5. I Will Not Try To Use Teen Slang? (*even if you think you are are cool enough and are using it in the right context…like my 6th-grade son says “It is just cringy!” ) 

4. I Will Buy One Black Suit/”Professional Outfit” (* Because Black Skinny Jeans and a Black deep V, V-neck is Not the Best Choice for Funerals and Weddings, yes…even if it is with a snazzy scarf?) 

3.  I Will Clean and Organize My Desk and Office? (* You will be amazed at what you might find under all those piles…oh look the rest of your paychecks?)  

2. I Will Have a Regular Date Night with My Spouse?  (*If you are not married, your resolution can be “to find a spouse”?)

1. I Will Read and Study the Bible not Just for Lesson Preparation But For My Own Personal Growth. (*Seriously) 

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