Game of the Week: “Facing the Gauntlet” (Free)

It is more than another game of dodgeball or nerf wars battle….It is THE GAUNTLET! 

– Projectiles (suggested: marshmallows, dodge balls, nerf guns, finger blasters, and beanie babies)
– Some long church tables
– A large room or a long hallway

Simple explanation:  One group of students have to run from point to another, while another group of students tries to hit them with projectiles. 

Set Up:
– Using your long tables, turn them on their side, line them up on either side of your space creating a long pathway (gauntlet).  Make sure there is enough space behind them that people can stand.
– Collect all of your projectiles, enough for half of your groups to have one.

Game Play
– Divide your group up into 2 equal teams, assign one team to be the “gauntlet” and the other to be the  “runners”
– Give all your gauntlet players a projectile and have them stand on the outside of the gauntlet
– Line up all of your “runners” on one end of the gauntlet
– On “Go!” the “runners” need to run to other end of the gauntlet without getting hit, while the other team tries to hit them
– At the end of each round players that have been hit will join the players on the outside of the gauntlet to join in their group
– Continue to play rounds until there is only one player left.   Give that person a prize
– Switch back to beginning teams allow the original runners to now become the gauntlet players of vise versa

– For Easter Time, we used stuffed animal bunnies!
– In starting the game instead of just having a defined start line and end line, consider going door to door or door to wall in your space.  Provides a bit more of an element of surprise for the runners to run.
– If you feel it safe enough, you might also consider using a strobe light to add to the craziness and fun

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