Game: “Clownfish, Blowfish, Goldfish” (Gorilla, Man, Gun Alternative)

Looking for an alternative to the ministry classic “Gorilla, Man, Gun”, without the “Gun” and also don’t want to just do “Rock, Paper, Scissors” here is a quick silly game that might be a great alternative for any age group, elementary all the way up into students!?  


  • No Supplies Needed


Quick explanation: The player will have to make one of three different faces using their mouth.  Players that match up with the face the leader chooses to make is eliminated and must sit down

 Before the Game:

  • No preparation required


  • Everyone stands up and faces the front of the room.
  • A leader, adult or child, stands at the front of the room.
  • Give a “quick explanation” and illustrate each fish’s face.
  • The 3 Fish Faces
    – “Clownfish”- cross your eyes, stick out your tongue
    – “Blowfish”- make big eyes, hold your breath and puff out your cheeks
    – “Goldfish”- squint your eyes, make a “kiss face”/”fish face”
  • Start each round by having the crowd and the leaders turn their backs to each other.
  • On the count of “3”, everyone spins around and makes a fish face


  • Players making the same fish face as the leader up front our “out” and must sit down.


  • The winner is the person(s) who are left standing at the end of the game.

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