Top 10: “Things You Don’t Want to Hear…YOUR WORSHIP PASTOR SAY!?”

We’ve heard from the custodian, our wife, and even our senior pastor!  This week we are going to find out what TEN things you DON’T want to hear your Worship Pastor Say!? 

10. And Now… Our Kazoo Ensemble. 

9. What Are Your Thoughts on the Polka?

8. I am Think About Starting a Gregorian Chant Team!

7.  The Choir Is Doing a Cover of “Living on a Prayer” This Sunday!

6.  I Really Think the Next Big Thing in Worship is Going to be Clogging?

5.  The Praise Band was Playing that New Club Downtown Last Night And…

4. What Do Think of My Sweet New Baton?

3. Good Morning, Let’s Give a Big Welcome to our New DJ, My Wife on the Turn Tables!

2.  I Got the New Miley Cyrus Worship Album…

1.  I think I am going to replace my guitar with my Trombone! (*true story)  

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