Icebreaker: “The Chain Gang”


  • No Supplies Needed


Quick explanation: Teams have to create a chain of players in order based on an announced assignment.

Before the Game:

  • Write down a few team assignments if needed (*suggestions below)


  • Divide the group up into at least 2 teams, for a larger group you can divide the group into smaller teams should you choose.
  • Give “quick explanation” and rule.
  • The leader announces a practice assignment and order (example “everyone chain together in order based on first name, a-z…”
  • Students then have to as a group work together and then link up arm-in-arm, in order and face the leader.
  • Continue on playing as many rounds as you like


  • No real rules, other than the above playing instructions
  • The team that chains up and completes the assignment first each round wins a point for the team
  • For younger players, assign a team leader to help.


  • The winning team is the team that has the most points at the end of all the rounds of play

Assignment Suggestions: (depending on age)- “Form a Chain…” or “Chain Together…”

  • In order based on your middle name
  • In order based on shoe size
  • Z to A based on the last name
  • In order of birthday month
  • In order based on age
  • Based on hair length longest to shortest hair
  • A to Z based on your Mom’s first name

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