“Ministry Win” (Scott Talley)

About a year ago I put a book out after spending 4 years researching and studying different Student Ministries across America. What I did not expect from the book was that many other ministries in America are tired of losing in ministry and want to form a game plan to win. I know that there are many different resources out there and I am not telling you to go and buy my book, but I was asked to share about my book, Ministry Win, with you today.

Over the last year I have heard from churches who have been impacted by Ministry Win, but let me first share with you who I am. My name is Scott Talley and I have been serving in Youth Ministry since 2003, but around 2014 I began to study more in-depth how Student Ministries in America function. Why? Because I felt like at that moment that the Student Ministry in America was created to be more than just numbers and programs.

What Student Ministry is Not?
Sometimes we look at Student Ministry from a perspective of competition. Sadly, I think that some Student Pastors see their ministry through the lens of competing with other ministries in their area. Our ministry in a local church was never to compete or even model another church. Our ministries where we serve exists to reach, disciple, and grow students.

Student Ministry success is not founded on numbers and programs. A successful Student Ministry happens when students’ lives are transformed by the Gospel and our teenagers begin to develop spiritually. Once our students’ lives are being shaped through spiritual disciplines, small groups, and discipleship then our students are able to minister to other students within your ministry.

Why Ministry Win?

wrote Ministry Win because I wanted to help my ministry where I was serving grow spiritually. I was tired of going from event to event. I wanted to have a purpose for doing Student Ministry daily. When you open the book and work through the pages, you will see how your ministry can win and have a strong foundation for growth.

Yes, I wanted numerical growth, but for me to see exponential growth, I wanted our ministry to have a foundation for visitors to walk into weekly. I am going to take it that if you are reading my blog, you must like to learn a little bit. Well in my research I read many different books, but there was a constant theme kept occurring, we must be building a foundation in students while in our ministry. I know it seems simple, students will stick with their Christian faith after graduation if we help them build a strong foundation in our ministries. But let me ask you this, how are you making a foundation within your students?

We must have a game plan and a strategy for doing ministry. I know that each one of us who are pastors we do not preach to our congregation or students unprepared. Instead, each of us put in hours a week preparing and writing our messages. Well, the same thing needs to happen with how we do ministry.

Ministry Win was written because I wanted to help Youth Ministries in America win in ministry and find their purpose. I did not write this book to be another one of those books to model your ministry after, but instead, I wrote it as a book/workbook to help you create a winning strategy for ministry.

Let’s win in ministry together.

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Scott Talley, is the student pastor at Church of the Cross in Orlando, FL, where he oversees students 7th-12th grades. Scott and his wife, Leigh have one son, John.  Scott has been doing youth ministry for more than 16 years with Deleware, Tennessee, and North Carolina.   Scott holds a degree from Union University in Youth Ministry and Master of Divinity and a Doctorate in Ministry from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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