Free Game of the Week: “Time Bombs” (Big Group/Camp Game)

Five Ticking Time Bombs Are Hidden and Time is Running Out.
Which Team Will Find Them Before It Is To Late to Save Your Next Retreat….Camp….or Lock-in!

– 5 battery powered alarm clocks (*ones that have an alarm that do not have an auto-shut off)
– 5 empty paper towel rolls
– 5 rubber bands
– Some string
– Can of red spray paint.
* All to create your Time Bomb, See illustration below.

Quick Explanation:
– This is a night time game best played in the dark. It is a listening game and a team work game. The larger the area the better. You need to set all the “bombs” to a specific time to go off right after your game starts, so this takes a little bit of planning ahead

. You will be hiding your “bombs” as far and as wide as you can. Teams or small groups will then have to find them purely by sound.
– For an outdoor area allow teams to use flashlights and decide how many flashlights each group gets based on number of team members.
– For an indoor area you can decide whether or not flashlights are needed based on your building and lighting.

Simple Rules:
On “go” teams have a set amount of time to find and collect as many “Time Bombs” as they can. The team with the most “Time Bombs” wins.


– Alarm Clock Purchase Suggestion: The Sharp Analog at Walmart
-It is only $4 and it WILL NOT turn off unless you physically turn it off. It will continue to go off for hours and it has an ascending alarm that runs on a 5 minute loop continually getting louder.

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