Top 10: Things That New Youth Workers Need to Learn.

10. Learn that “it” will get better…no matter what  “it” is or what is going on…trust me!

9. Learn To are going to make mistakes, thing are going to happen sometimes you just have to see the humor in life and ministry!

8. Learn to say “No!”, it will come in handy in A LOT of situations.

7. Learn to Borrow(legally)...from other youth workers.  Nothing is 100% original! (*it is in the Bible, Ecc. 1:9…)

6. Learn to Share (see above)…give away what you have and what is working

5. Learn to Rest.  The Red Bull/Coffee/Monster addiction will only last so long and then you WILL crash!

4. Learn to Cry.   Mourn with those who mourn, don’t be macho.  Let God soften your heart, it will change EVERYTHING!

3.  Learn Respect.  You just rolled off the Bible college/Seminar assembly line and you know it all, but…  learn to respect those older than you and around you, they might just have something to teach you.

2.  Learn to Learn. There is always more to learn.  Leaders are Learners….NEVER STOP!

1. Learn that you are not God! Only God is God, only He can save and redeem.  Work hard, do your best, do everything with excellence, but realize not matter how many hours you put in or how much you burn yourself out…God is still on the throne!  It is a hard thing to learn, but well worth learning!

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