Top 10: “Other” Jobs That a Youth Pastor Does?

10. Psychologist/Psychiatrist (able to fix any mental disorder for any student in 15 minutes or less…guaranteed! )

9. Custodian (responsible to clean anything, everything and all carpet stains around the building no matter if the youth group made it or not)

8. Bus Mechanic (can fix any bus with a roll of duct tape, chicken wire, and a quick prayer)

7. Technology Expert ( residential PC genius/Apple genius because you look young so you must know how to work these new-fangled machines)

6. Carpenter (given a truckload of wood can build a stage, a house, or a small African village)

5. Coach (is a pro athlete of EVERY sport ever invented..)

4. Cook/Chef (like Jesus can create enough food to feed any crowd of any size simply by looking to heaven)

3. Stand Up Comedian (must be the funniest person in the room at all times, able to make any situation into a comedic life illustration)

2. Rock Star (able to play any instrument and be able to lead a worship concert with a kazoo or harpsichord or even a music saw…)

1. Entertainer? (expected to keep the kids entertained, amused, and never bored…EVER!!)

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