Ten Youth Ministry Lessons from the DMV

My wife and I recently moved to a new area and ministry.  Last weekend we decided to change over our driver’s licenses to the new state going from Pennsylvania to Illinois.   We swung back the Panera to grab some breakfast and arrived at 7:30 am to quickly go through the process.  Knowing how DMV’s are, we thought we would arrive ahead of the crowd.  What we discovered was a line that wrapped around the entire plaza, down the sidewalk, and around the corner.

When it was all said and done we waited in line 4 1/2 hours!  Needless to say, we had plenty of time to catch up on the week, post silly pictures on social media, and ponder the deeper things of life including ministry.

Here are our 10 things youth ministry and youth pastors can learn from the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles Office!   Enjoy our wisdom!?

10. Friendliness goes a long way.

9. Be organized, Stay organized.

8. People are more than a number.

7. Patience really is a virtue.

6. Know the language of who you are serving.

5. Empower your staff to make decisions.

4. Understand that you are there to serve people.

3. A bad reputation is hard to live down and easy to live up to.

2. As your crowd grows people’s expectations and anticipation grows.

1. Your mission is getting people out the door and on the road, not keeping them in the seats!

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