News U Can Use: “Chromebook Safety 101”

“Millions of kids have been issued devices for school this year whether they’re learning at home, in-person or a combination of the two. Chromebooks are often the device of choice because they’re an economical option. 

With increased access to the internet comes an increased risk of digital dangers, distractions, and disorderly conduct. Chromebooks present an unusual challenge because they’re made to operate solely online, meaning they don’t have a hard drive to run software offline. They also aren’t part of the Mac or PC ecosystem, so any existing parental controls through those operating systems won’t apply.

If you’re a family using Chromebooks for remote learning, you’ll definitely need a strategy to help enforce boundaries that keep kids safe and on-task. If your Chromebook is school-issued, you may or may not have more safety features available to you. In any case, here are five tips to make virtual school safer on the Chromebook….” 


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