Game Idea of the Week: “Bouncy Ball Blitz”

– At least 100 small bouncy balls (“superball”/”high bounce” type”) in 4 different colors.
– 1 large bucket or container
– 4 smaller buckets or containers
– A tall ladder, if you do not have a high place to stand above the playing area
– An indoor playing area with a hard floor

Very simple rules and concepts.  Collect your team’s color of balls and place them in your team’s container as fast as you can.

How to Play:
Divide your group into 4 teams and assign them a corner, a color, and a container.   On “Go” you will dump or toss all the balls onto the main playing floor area and teams will have to collect only their color of balls and put them in their bucket. The first team to collect all their balls or collect the most in the assigned time wins.

You can just stand in the middle of the playing area and throw all 100+ balls up, but I would suggest having a high area overlooking the playing area or dump the balls from a tall ladder, in order to really get them REALLY bouncing!!

It is a fun, chaotic quick game that you can play over and over again.  Make it more fun with more balls, more colors, and more teams. For an extra challenge use balls with flashing light and darken your playing area.

BONUS: (Glow in the Dark/Black Light Night): Consider playing a SAFE version of this game using glow in the dark balls or ones that will show up under black light.  Even think about using glow stick bracelets to identify each team, that match with the same color balls.

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