Top 10: Ways You Might Be Losing Respect as a Youth Leader?

10. Your Pants.  Put some on! The cut-off jean shorts or your baggy basketball shorts were just not the right pick for doing grandma Jone’s funeral last week.

9. Your Car. Your students think ithe tinted windows and low riding is cool but your Sr. Pastor gets kind of nervous every time you say, “You got caught riding dirty again”

8. Your Watch. You don’t own one, you are always late to everything!

7. Your Spouse. Like your watch you don’t have one…get one. Everyone knows married people are more respectable?

6. Your Gauges. They work great for going hands-free with your phone, holding your microphone, or carrying your Mountain Dew cans, but stop carrying your pack of cigarettes in them!

5. Your Ink.
I am not talking about the write-up on the church blog. I am talking about the neck tat of Jesus and your knuckle tats of John 3:16.

4. Your Office. Seriously…1-800-Hire-Maid. There is a 6th grader that got lost in all the of piles last summer and hasn’t been seen since.

3. Your Ringtone. Juice Wrld playing in your pocket, at the annual parent meeting, might have lost you a couple of respect points.

2. Your Skinny Jeans. You are in your 30’s now.  When you finally get a spouse, all of “THAT” should stay between the two of you inside marriage.

1. Your Parents. Not the parents in your youth group, your actual parents. You need to move out of their basement and stop having your mom drive you to youth group!

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