Game of the Week: “Banana Baseball”


  • A large number of bananas (at least 30-40)
  • Scoop ball scoops
  • 4 Baseball bases
  • An Outdoor area


  • Quick explanation: This is a messy game of baseball using bananas and a scoop ball scoop as bats

 Before the Game:

  • Pull bunches of bananas apart
  • Set up baseball bases and playing area


  • Divide the group up into 2 large teams
  • Give the “quick explanation”
  • Decide which team will be “batting” first and which team will be “fielding”
  • The batting player is given a scoop ball scoop with a banana inside of it.
  • The batter must throw the banana using the scoop.
  • If the banana is not caught, they can run the bases as usual.
  • Bananas are used as long as possible until they are completely destroyed
  • Continue on as long as your banana supplies last or 9 innings.


  • There is no pitching involved.
  • Usual wiffleball style baseball rules apply unless you would like to create your own “house rules”
  • Usual 3 out rules apply. Outs are when the banana is caught off of a batter, bases are tagged up before the runner touches.
  • You can decide if you would like to allow the banana to be thrown at a player running between bases to get them out.


The winning team is the team that scores the most runs.

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