Last Minute SCARY Costumes for Youth Pastors?

10. An Old 15 Passenger Church Van (Packed for a Long Trip)  9.  An Angry or Offended Youth Group Parent  8.  A Middle School Boy Drinking a Monster (run away…run away)  7.  THE Youth Group Mean Girl (she scares me to DEATH!!)  6.  The Walking Dead… (I mean “Senior Ladies Easter Liturgical Dance Team”)  5.  A […]

“More Than a Face: Hiring (& Recruiting) Well in Youth Ministry”

I was talking to a pastor not long ago, about his recent hire of a youth leader for his church.  He was so excited by the opportunity to have a “face” for his church’s youth ministry.  He described the young man as “attractive” to young people and the kind of “look” and “style” that would […]

Game of the Week: “Pumpkin Face” (Up Front Partner Challenge)

Supplies: – 2 Rolls of Orange Crepe Paper – 2-4 Sheets of Black Dot Labels Set-Up: – 2 Chairs Up Front  Explanation/Play: Simple Explanation: One player will quickly wrap another player’s face completely in orange crepe paper and then using black stickers to decorate them as fall “jack o lantern”!  GamePlay: – Have 2 teams […]

Hint/Help: 15 Appropriate Halloween/Fall Movies? (Movie Nights)

Here is a list I have posted in the past and was recently asked about again, so I decided to repost it with a few updates!  Obviously, this is still a bit of a delicate topic with “Halloween” parties vs. “Fall/Harvest” parties so please do not be offended. Here are a few that MIGHT work for […]

Top 10: Your Youth Pastor is SO Out of Touch…

10. They Think Instagram is Putting Your Grandma On Speed Dial? 9. They Think Snapchat is when they Snap Their Fingers at You When You are Talking During Their Lesson? 8.  They Got a TikTok Account to Post Videos of Their Watch & the Times When Youth Group is Meeting?  7. They went to Starbucks […]

Video: “Gender Identity and the Bible (Mark Yarhouse)”

Recently, my church in the western suburbs of Chicago, not far from Wheaton College, as part of an ongoing series, invited Dr. Mark Yarhouse to speak to our church about “Gender Identity and the Bible”. Dr. Yarhouse is a well-known author and speaker on this matter, as well as doing much research and work in […]

Back to In-Person School Game: “School Rulz”

Just in time for the back to school season comes….SCHOOL RULZ!   Perfect for your fall kick-off night or the first meeting of the new fall ministry year!  Get to know how smart your student really are by using this interactive game where you get to test their knowledge of actual school rules!  A 10 Challenge Game, with […]

Back to In-Person School Lesson: “Unpack Your Bag”

Single Back to School Lesson.  Perfect for the beginning of the school year. The lesson includes 4 main points, with supporting scripture passage, followed by discussion questions for each point, for group or small group discussions. Consider partnering this lesson with “School Rulz” or “Tray’D You” games! Includes: –HD Jpeg Title (to use for promotional […]

Top 10: “Ways to Help Your Students Return to In-Person School”

10. Offer Students an Open Discussion Time to Talk, Before and After Their First Week.  9. Be Available Virtually and In-Person After-School.  8. Support Parents in the Process. 7. Teach a Late “Back to School” Lesson to Help Students Prepare to Return to In-Person Learning.  6. Offer a “Virtual” Study Hall for Students to Meet […]

Building Blocks of Constructive Teaching (Part 2)

Last Week, I introduced the educational concept of “constructivism.” In case you missed it, “constructivism” is an understanding of how a learner builds knowledge for themselves through the building blocks of discovery, hands-on, experiential, collaborative, project-based, and task-based learning in order to engage knowledge. But beyond these educational building blocks, what are the spiritual building […]