Video: “Gender Identity and the Bible (Mark Yarhouse)”

Recently, my church in the western suburbs of Chicago, not far from Wheaton College, as part of an ongoing series, invited Dr. Mark Yarhouse to speak to our church about “Gender Identity and the Bible”. Dr. Yarhouse is a well-known author and speaker on this matter, as well as doing much research and work in this field.    I would invite you to look up and read some of his books, as each I have found to so very helpful in navigating gender identity with my students and families

While they are a wide variety of “dividing” issues around this topic, I think he handled the subject matter with grace and love.  

As a family pastor continuing to work actively in the trenches with students I found this talk helpful and insightful.  I hope you find this helpful and thought-provoking! 

CLICK HERE (to Watch)

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