Game of the Week: “Pumpkin Face” (Up Front Partner Challenge)

– 2 Rolls of Orange Crepe Paper
– 2-4 Sheets of Black Dot Labels

– 2 Chairs Up Front 


Simple Explanation: One player will quickly wrap another player’s face completely in orange crepe paper and then using black stickers to decorate them as fall “jack o lantern”! 

– Have 2 teams of 2 come to the front
– Explain the simple explanation and rules
– Have 1 player on each team have a seat in 1 of the chairs.
– Give the standing play 1-2 sheets of black dot labels
– On “Go!” standing player as quickly as possible wraps the seated player’s head and then decorates their head.

– Allow 1-2 minutes for the game.
– Have a leader or the audience vote on best “pumpkin head”

*  HINT/RULE: leave the mouth area of the seated player open so they can breathe!


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