Top 10: The Heartaches of a Youth Pastor

10. Seeing A Key Leadership Student, Turn Away from God and Church. 

9.  Trying to Give Comfort to a Student Feeling Like it Somehow Their Fault Their Parent’s Marriage Is Falling Apart.

8. Hearing the Story of A Student, Finally Revealing the Hidden Abuse That is Going on At Home. 

7. Being Criticized for Decisions, Visions, and Ministry Directions That Are Not Your Own, but You Must Own As Yours.

6. The Drive Home After A Lesson, You Have Spent All Week Preparing and It Bombs (*or At Least You Think it Did)

5. Seeing the Potential and Calling on the Life of a Student, But It Doesn’t Match Up with Parent’s Hopes of Success & Accomplishment. 

4. Having to Look Your Students and Leaders in the Eye Tell Them You are Leaving, When the Decision Was Not Yours and You Must Remain Silent About the Real Reasons. 

3. Going Through Hurts, Disappointments, and Struggles Individually or as a Family Alone, with No One to Talk to. 

2.  Watching a Former Church or Ministry You Have Been a Part of Leading Slowly Implode or Fail. 

1.  Seeing/Hearing/Knowing a Fellow Youth Pastor When the Heartache Becomes Too Much Deciding to Leave Ministry, All Together. 

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