Top 10: If We Allowed Restaurants Chains to Run Our Church?

10. McDonald’s: Parents put up with going there, because the kids love the playland?  

9. Burger King: Have It Your Way Sermons? 

8. Taco Bell: Same sermon content every week,  just with a different title and packaging? 

7. KFC: Original or Extra Crispy Theology of the Final Judgements?  

6. Dunkin’ Donuts: Full-Immersion Baptism, Of Course? 

5. Wendy’s: Known for their Frosty Welcome? 

4. Starbucks: Over Franchised Hip Multi-Sites on Every Corner? 

3. Arby’s: We have the Meat! No Milk Served? 

2. IHOP: International House of PRAYER (and…Monthly Men’s Pancake Breakfasts) 

1.Subway: $5.00 offering for a 12-minute long sermon? 

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