Game of the Week: “Name That Gargle” (upfront/team challenge)

Another Classic, That Has Been Reborn with the Return of “Name That Tune!” , Hosted by Jane Krakowski & Randy Jackson on Fox!  

We Also Brought It Back This Christmas During our December In-person COVID Shutdown.  We Made It Part of the Our Christmas Face-offs on our YouTube Live Show!  We Did It Using Egg Nog! 

Here is the Original Version For You to Play This Coming Week: 

– A Mic (Sound System)
– 10-20 Cups
– Pitcher of Water
– 20-25 Note Cards

Game Play/Explanation: 
Quick Explanation: Individuals will try to gargle an assigned song, while their team tries to guess what the song is!

Pre-Game Prep: Write down 20-25 popular well-known songs (Happy Birthday, Jingle Bells,…), you may also want to include a couple of currently popular songs  or even popular worship songs (“Amazing Grace”, “Oceans”….)

GamePlay: (Big Team)
– Split the group into 2 teams
– Ask for a “musical” volunteer from the first team
– Hand them a cup of water and explain the game
– Show them a song card
– When they are ready, hold the mic up to the player.
– Give the team 30-60 seconds to guess correctly the “gargle”
– Switchback and forth between teams

Winners: Team that guesses the most songs correct.

Hint/Help: Make it a partner-challenge or even a face-off challenge, similar to what we did on our YouTube Live version.

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