The Twelve Disciples in YOUR Youth Group?

12. Philip, The student that is excited to invite others to the youth group.

11. Simon, The Zealot. The student that is always trying to debate politics and issues.

10. James, the Other One. The one student that is faithfully there every week but doesn’t say a whole lot. They are there but no one really knows them.

9. Nathanial/Bartholomew. The student who you keep calling by the wrong name, even though you know his real name.

8. Thaddaeus. The student that has a sibling that comes to youth group, so their parents drop them off too.

7. James. The student that is the other person in the “inseparable pair.” When you say, their name it is always followed by the other person’s name. (Like “…and John”)

6. John. The student that is your favorite, even though you’re not supposed to have favorites. He is the student you love, despite their family and problems.

5. Andrew. The student that is quietly faithful to the youth group and talking to others about Jesus.

4. Matthew. The student with the shady past and great testimony, and is a bit of party-animal, but in a good way?

3. Judas. The student that one moment loves you the next moment is betraying you for another youth group down the road that is offering at least 30 cool activities & events you are not doing.

2. Thomas. The student that always has their hand raised in the middle of your lesson with a question and is constantly in doubt about what you are teaching.

1.Peter. The older student that is always saying something dumb, funny, or without think but everyone still sees them as the leader of the group.

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