Top 10: Things We “Settle For” in Youth Ministry?

10. Mid-90’s 15-Passenger Van as Your Ministry Transportation.

9. $5 Little Caesar’s Pizzas as the Meal for Every Event.

8. The Smallest Staff Office (*cough: closet)

7. Only Being Allowed to Speak on Holiday Weekends?

6. Outdated, Garage Sale Couches as Youth Room Furniture.

5. Hand-Me-Down Sound Equipment and Tech from Adult Ministry.

4. Sleeping on the Floor, so One More Kid Can Go to Camp.

3. A Few Hours Less of Sleep, to Take That Late Night Call.

2. One Less Friday Night at Home, to Cheer a Student at the Big Game.

1. A Little Less Money, so You Can Follow God’s Calling, Not Chase Down a Career.

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