Free Game of the Week: “Heartbreakers” (Valentine’s Icebreaker)

A Quick Simple Silly Game To Get Your Night Started Around Valentine’s Day!

· Red construction paper
· Scissors
· Optional: Pre-made valentines paper hearts or valentine’s cards

Game Play:
Quick explanation: Players will work to find other players with pieces of the same “broken heart” and “heal the broken heart”

Before the Game:
• Using construction paper make a bunch of large red hearts or purchase paper hearts or Valentine’s cards.
• Cut up hearts into 6-8 puzzle pieces.

• Give the quick explanation and rules.
• Give every person a piece of a heart.
• On “Go!” everyone starts working to find other people with pieces to their heart.
• Once they have found another person, player will work continue to work to find other people until their heart is complete again.
• Winners are the group that is first to “heal their broken heart”

· No extra rules, but a suggestion for more of a challenge consider having everyone not be able to speak.

Hints/Help:· Great lesson introduction, illustration or activity on topics of love, hurt, God’s heart, or related subjects.

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