Top 10: Youth Ministry “Sacred Cows”?

10. We still feed kids junk food, even though we know it’s bad for them—Our body is the “Temple of the Holy Spirit,” except at youth events.

9. The churches that worry more about the Jones memorial carpet, couch, or…. The youth room pipe organ, than students.- The one thing that Grandma Jones left behind for the youth, God rest her soul.

8. Some of us are still holding onto our 1980’s youth group name! –Jesus Jam, The Posse, God Squad…Extreme Anything!

7. The idea that a separate special youth area/room/building is necessary for spiritual growth? -Everyone knows students can only learn if there is a snack bar, arcade, climbing wall, and ax-throwing area!

6. The consecrated growing stack of leftover Youth Bibles in the church youth area that we are afraid to throw away? -Left Behind like Kurt Cameron, They will be here until Jesus’ 2nd coming?)

5. The youth group has that annual tradition to go to THAT one trip/retreat/camp/mission project where “we always go!”– Better known as the “Holy Lands” of the ministry!

4. Those churches that have those beloved and holy youth ministry musical groups.- You know, Youth Choir, Hand Bells for Blessings, or …. The Leaping Ladies of Liturgical Dance!

3. The fact we all know that Youth Pastors must be younger than 30 to be effective and relevant? – You know just like Jesus. 

2. The much-debated … overly and hated…evil and sacred…Overnight/Lock-In events! – Everyone knows it is a Biblical tradition started by Paul and Silas at their first overnight lock-in!

1. THE MOST SCARED OF SACRED COWS IN MODERN YOUTH MINISTRY (AND THE AMERICA CHURCH) OF COURSE IS… CHICK-FIL-A!? You shalt not take its name in vain! You must bow down and worship the “golden calf…(*cough) cow” except on the Sabbath, of course!

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